Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Music

A  whole smorgasbord of new music is available for immediate and free download courtesy of blocSonic and DefBeat Posse!  Public Enemy and Impossebulls producer C-Doc has released a new album (his first "solo" album in ten years, though we use the term "solo" loosely) entitled Divided We Stand.  A twelve track opus of that definitive C-Doc sh!t, Divided We Stand also features appearances by fellow Impossebulls Marcus J Gilligan and DJ Def Chad and top-notch artwork by longtime Bulls designer mGee.

In addition to the album, C-Doc and blocSonic have also lovingly compiled three maxi-singles of music (and a bonus digital 45) that features alternate mixxes, remixxes, and b-sides aplenty.

Again, it's all free to download.  Please listen and share and spread the word!

The Album:

The Maxi-Singles:

The Digi 45: