Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yeah, that's right, fellow babies...time for some new LOWdown sounds...

This time we have the infamous dumpTRUCK EP: an eight track collection of remixxes, new joints, and one lil' re-recording that will put the pep in your step and the flow in your flowers...err...

Anyway, right now you can grab it at the usual places:

Hi-Quality MP3 and streaming: BEYOND.FM
Streaming and a couple of free-bees: MP3.com
Good, ol' fashioned Compact Discus: KUNAKI

Yummy stuff, and we hope that you dig it. We'll try to get some streams right up here on the site directly!

If you by chance have this already (the promo version), be aware that this is the same thing. Only with artwork...


Monday, April 28, 2008

The LAST Impossebulls show...

...of sorts.

Anyway, the show on Saturday was a great time for shitty pay. Oh, well.

Anyway, we played with these guys:


Great times.

So, that show was the last Impossebulls show in it's current form. We've been beating that dead horse corpse in various forms for the past four or five years.

The next time you will see any of us live, it will be a whole new experience.

A LOWdown experience, actually.

Ha ha HA!