Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Impossebull Music from the Archives...

...in the case that you still don't have it, check out The Bulls' latest CD WEAPON OF CHOICE VOLUME 1- TURNTABLE. It's the first in a series of releases that features rarities, remixxes, and re-recordings. All kinds of fun archive stuff and singles and the like. There will be future volumes, like NAILBOARD, BOXCUTTER, and MICROPHONE, but in the meantime you can check out this version.

And there are numerous ways to do so! You can go to BEYOND.FM and preview the tracks and purchase them individually or all together if you dig that digital steez. And why wouldn't you? You can go to the widget on our MySpace page and listen to all the songs. You can go to our ReverbNation page and do the same thing.

Or, if you're into the traditional traditions, you can grab the CD for $3 at Kunaki. We like to provide options for the people. So options you now have. And beats, too...don't ever forget the beats!

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